Why choose ABC as your communication training partner ?

  • because you are important
  • because we create a positive learning environment around you
  • because with us you can experience customer orientation and individual attention in practice

Your advantages at a glance:

The ABC Charter pledges

  • to provide competent guidance throughout all programmes
  • to provide high quality learning opportunities in business language training
  • to be responsive to the training needs of the international business world
  • to welcome feedback as an invaluable aid to continuous improvement
  • to provide clear and accurate information to all

The experienced ABC administration team are the backbone of the school. Their experience guarantees support and encouragement to the staff.

You, your company and your colleagues can rely on our experience, competence and encouragement.

Either at our training centre or at your company, we discuss your training needs and together we develop your individual course programme comprising all the appropriate elements.

This process guarantees that your aims are identified, your business skills are improved and your goals are reached.

Our SuccessiveProgression system allows you to measure your progress and to experience your success.

Learning not only becomes easier it also is fun.
A Accuracy
B Business Skills
C Communication

Learning is not a burden to be carried. It is a pathway to better communication.